Frequently Asked Questions


What if it rains?

At Tike Hikes we “dress for success” and as long as your child is sufficiently dressed (layers when cold, always an outer waterproof layer and rain boots), there is no reason that rain will affect class. We do our best to stay in the forest where the cedar trees act as natural umbrellas and on days where it is especially wet we will spend a little extra time at a picnic shelter, greenhouse, or gazebo with reading or a group activity.

When is class cancelled?

Safety is always our FIRST priority. Class will be cancelled in the event of severe inclement weather. This includes but is not limited to: wind storms, snow, ice, hail, and flooding. If the local school district is on a 2 hour delay, class will meet at 10:30. All school closure announcements will be sent via email and text message as soon as they are available.

What does a typical Tike Hikes day look like?

As an outdoor preschool each park, trail, or farm we visit offers something special and unique that accentuates our lesson plans. Some classes will be more hiking/exploration oriented, while others have a farm or garden experience to offer. Each class revolves around an overall monthly theme with smaller, weekly themes and includes a circle time with educational lesson, craft or science experiment, exploratory hike with scientific tools, and story time during snack/lunch. A sample of our curriculum can be found here