IMG_9285Director and Lead Teacher – Amanda Davila

Teacher Amanda began her lifelong love of the outdoors growing up on a farm nestled in the hills of West Virginia. She spent her childhood wandering through the Appalachian Mountains, foraging for food, tracking animals, finding archaeological artifacts such as stone arrowheads, and even spent a summer building a log cabin at the age of 13. She was a member of 4-H and Future Farmers of America (FFA) providing her with even more knowledge of the flora and fauna available in the outdoors. The lessons learned from her hands-on experiences, as well as the education received in 4-H and FFA are evident in every class she teaches to steward another generation of children to explore the great outdoors in a safe and respectful way.

Teacher Amanda graduated from Marshall University with a BA in Psychology with an emphasis in Child Development. She also has an undergraduate degree in Communicative Disorders from Idaho State University and completed coursework for a Master’s in Elementary Education at California State University Fullerton. With 14 years of experience in child education in different settings combined with her personal experiences, Teacher Amanda is well prepared to use a natural setting to help children learn through a kinesthetic approach.

In her free time, Teacher Amanda can be found exploring local parks and trails with her family, participating in hiking challenges, and accomplishing her goal of visiting every National Park in the United States. She’s already visited ¼ of them and her favorites are Yosemite and Olympic National Parks.